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Hungarian Service and Outsourcing Association (HOA):

Professional organisation to promote and support Outsourcing


Established by the leading Hungarian and multinational companies in 2004, HOA represents the mayor players of the service sector in Hungary.
Based on the organizing principle of Outsourcing, HOA is the first Hungarian independent association to promote all the benefits of Outsourcing to its membership - local and international companies, customers and suppliers. It offers an effective tool for business players if they are looking for partners or just want to know the legal and investment environment of Hungary and supports the outsourcing industry and think tanks (universities, R&D centres, research institutes).

At present half of international Shared Service Centres operating in Hungary belong to the Association.  Majority of HOA members are acting in the IT sector. Companies providing HR consultancy, accounting and financial services amount to another significant part of the membership. We have members involved in fleet management, financing, document management, data processing, energy supply, adult education, real estate industry, telecommunications, copying and printing, electronics, project management, consultancy, legal services, and security services.

With a firm background and long-time experience in representing the interests of servicing companies, HOA has fruitful and workable connections to the governmental bodies as well.
HOA has the expertise and knowledge to link you with reliable Hungarian market players. Through our members you can access companies of different sizes in various industries. HOA also provides an opportunity to set up collaborative efforts that span multiple sectors and facilitate complex outsourcing offers.
HOA activities and programmes

•    PR, communication - HOA newsletters, media appearances on-line, at events and trade fairs.
•    Lobbying - Creating jobs in the fields of employment and education policy, and promoting developments in the government support programs. Ensuring/organizing talks and compliance with governmental bodies and authorities. Active communication with FMF (Labour Right Forum of Employers)
•    Networking - Conferences, workshops, and roadshows to exchange views on up-to-date trends and experiences in the service industry ,
SSC Forum (quarterly ) Organizing International Service and Outsourcing Conferences
•    Marketing and legal assistance – tenders, contracts etc.

A new approach to servicing industry: SSME

(Service, Science, Management and Engineering)

Servicing industry represents 70-80 % of GDP in the developed countries at present.
To face the challenge of meeting its constantly growing requirements, SSME has become the key to how you can act as a well-introduced and stable supplier in the field of Outsourcing. In contrary to the past, customers are looking for solutions, consultancy, information and infrastructure instead of simple products.

Cross-border servicing activities, R&D and innovation are the responses to customer expectations. SSME is not just a part of it – SSME is the innovation itself.
SSME - promoting the integration of service, engineering and management - is science AND practice at the same time that exceeds the limits of traditional servicing across cultures.

Beating the competition nowadays has gone far from offering good prices – it has become a question of HOW you deliver your services.
Successful client focus depends on adopting a new attitude to customer services as well as acquiring “transferable competencies” to be able to provide services on the highest possible level.

Intending to tackle the above challenges, HOA initiated the establishment of a new foundation (SZTMK) with the clear objective of introducing SSME into Hungarian education, thus upgrading those working in the service industry and assuring up-to-date knowledge and integrated competencies of customer service experts, starting from the mid-to higher level education.

SSME is the link between HOA and SZTMK Foundation: HOA associates and organizes companies that
deliver high level services based on SSME, and SZTMK’s task is to spread SSME in the education and training areas.

Service Sciences Methodology Centre Foundation

(Foundation SZTMK):

Pioneer organization to bridge the gap between education and

servicing industry’s requirements

Service Sciences Methodology Centre Foundation started its operation in 2007 as a result of an initiative of the Hungarian Service Industry and Outsourcing Association.

To satisfy the demand for educated AND competent labour force, Foundation SZTMK’s objective is to develop and introduce programs that meet the requirements of employers in the service industry in Hungary.
In short: SZTMK delivers SSME as a new education and training method as well as introduces this as practice into the market.

Receiving a subsidy from the National Institute of Vocational and Adult Education, Foundation SZTMK developed a modern training system and organized 500 people’s education all over Hungary. Beside the education, we organized professional practice period for the participants at various small/medium sized companies and multinational firms.

Whilst initiating, introducing and supporting new, innovative educational programs and methods, Foundation SZTMK has expanded its scope of activities to provide proper and quality services to its partners.

Besides doing pioneer work in the Hungarian vocational and adult education, Foundation SZTMK’s present activities include numerous HR services as follows:

•    search and selection of employees from the junior up to the highest managerial level by using the most up-to-date methods
•    trainings and courses to Customer Service people whilst continuously renewing the methodology
•    intercultural trainings for foreign employees to be able to perform well in new environment
•    establishing and development of a network of partners in training activities (universities, adult education institutions and experts/leaders of service companies)
•    continuous development of training methods in parallel with the needs of servicing industry
•    Developing syllabi and teaching resources, revising and proofreading course materials in Hungarian and foreign languages
•    Strengthening the key competences of teachers by training and coaching to offer a new, student and competency focused attitude
•    Developing objective quality assessment and assurance mechanism
•    R&D, environmental studies, innovation facilities

HOA-SZTMK advantages and contribution to cooperation with

investment partners:

HOA supports you in finding the partners, delivers information

and offers its network to establish connections, and

SZTMK assists you to find and train your employees on how to

become successful, client-oriented experts to ensure


Your contacts at HOA-SZTMK Foundation Management:

Attila Suhajda, President of HOA
Economist, Manager of Public Administration, Computer Programmer , archaeologist
Working in the Ministry of Culture and Education as an IT advisor of the cultural field, he was involved in developing the Hungarian IT Strategy Plan. Later he joined Deloitte & Touche as ERP Systems consultant, and then became project manager at IBM Hungary where he headed the e-business division.
His major activities included the positions of Deputy State Secretary of Information Society Programmes as well as Ministerial Commissioner at the Ministry of Informatics and Telecommunications. He participated in planning and establishing the Hungarian Technology Center in the USA as Managing Director, for which he was honoured with Neumann Prize  (the most prestigious Hungarian Government recognition for IT Industry and Society) by the Minister of Informatics and Telecommunications.

Having returned to IBM he was appointed as Director of Governmental Programs, cooperating with high level government executives, associations and business leaders. Advises corporation international and local management and coordinates their Government relations. Works with IBM business units on business development with focus on Central and Local Governments.

In 2004 he established the Hungarian Services and Outsourcing Association (HOA) and was elected as President of HOA twice.

He is a Curator of the Foundation of Services Sciences Center of Excellence.

Judit Máthé, Managing Director, SZTMK Foundation
Economist, HR expert and consultant
Starting in the foreign trade, she acted in different export-import managerial positions. Working  more than 12 years with South-East Asian business partners she spent 5 years as Foreign Trade Director of a Hong Kong based Chinese company in Budapest.

For the past 13 years, her activites covered HR, recruitiment and selection, competency development and trainings as well as coaching. Being a member of the Hungarian Professional Coaches’ Association, she has substantial experience in how to develop people. She also performs as a teacher and trainer at Corvinus University, Budapest, and continuously provides HR services to the major multinational companies in Hungary as well as to institutes of the public adminsitration.

She has acquired  degrees in HR, coaching, training and mediation, and has gained several years of  experience in setting up Shared Service Centres (Business Service Centres) in Hungary whilst  supplying services for the top-rank international and Hungarian banks in various HR development projects.

In 2011 she joined SZTMK Foundation as Managing Director, in charge of the leading projects as well.

Thank you for your kind attention.

If you need any further and more detailed information, please contact us and your questions and requests will be treated with special care.


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